OGP / IPIECA Oil Spill Response Common Operating Picture (COP)

Latest Activities

  • Two workshops completed - Results available.
  • Recommended Practice report now under development


Project Objectives

This OGC project supports OGP and IPIECA to develop a recommended practice for GIS/Mapping in support of oil spill response and for the use of GIS technology and geo-information in forming a Common Operating Picture (COP) for management of the response.


Responding to an oil spill requires access and understanding of many types of information. What is needed is a common picture of reality for different organizations that have different views of the spill so that they all have to deal with it collectively.

Through a OGP/IPIECA Joint Industry Process, a recommended practice in forming a “Common Operating Picture” to support management of the response.


OGC assists members in understanding how an interoperability framework or architecture based on open standards can best fit their business needs. 

OGC is supporting OGP and OPEICA using a three step approach:

  1. Issue a Request for Information (RFI) - RFI was announced by this RFI OGC Request
  2. Conduct Stakeholder Workshops
  3. Prepare a Reference Architecture and Feasibility Report
Activity/Milestone Date
RFI Issued 26 August 2013
Clarification Conference Call 30 September 2013 – 11:00 am to Noon EDT
RFI Responses Due 30 October 2013 – 5:00 pm EDT
Workshop near London, UK 19 December 2013 
Workshop in Houston, TX, US  9 January 2014  
Recommended Practice 2nd Quarter 2014


Request for Information (RFI)

An RFI to inform the Oil Spill COP was announced by this RFI OGC Request

  • The RFI seeks recommendations for procedures, technology and open standards that should be considered in a recommended practice. 
  • Responses to the RFI should describe technologies that organizations see as feasible in a distributed information environment. 
  • The RFI includes instructions for how to ask any question about the RFI process and  to respond
  • Questions and requests for clarification should be sent to (techdesk@opengeospatial.org)
  • Responses to the RFI were requested by 30 October 2013.  Additional responses will be considered.

Responses to the RFI are requested to follow this outline:

  1. Overview and executive summary of the response.
  2. Elaboration of your highest priority comments and contributions
    1. Definition of a COP for Oil Spill Response
    2. Geospatial Information for OSR COP
    3. Delivering information for OSR COP
  3. Organization description

An RFI Clarification Telecon was held on 30 September.

  • The presentation from the telecon are posted:  
  • A recording of the audio and video of the session (110MB) is available
  • Additional Questions and requests for clarification can be sent to (techdesk@opengeospatial.org)

Request for Information (RFI) for Oil Spill Response Common Operating Picture recommended practice
Request for Information (RFI) for Oil Spill Response Common Operating Picture recommended practice 


Stakeholder Workshops

The objectives of the Stakeholder Workshops were:

  • Review responses to the Request for Information
  • Engage the stakeholder community in discussion
  • Refine the focus for the Recommended Practice

A Summary Report of the Workshops is avaiable.

Workshop in Europe

Workshop in USA


Reference Architecture and Feasibility Report

Recommended Practice currently under development based on RFI Responses and results of workshops