White Papers

A white paper is an OGC member approved publication released by the OGC to the Public that states a position on one or more technical considerations or other subjects that are germane to the work of the OGC, often including a high-level explanation of a standards based architecture or framework of a solution. A White Paper often explains the results or conclusions of research. A White Paper is not an official position of the OGC.

Title Author Date File Formats
OGC Information Technology Standards for Sustainable Development (14-095) Lance McKee 2015-01-23
OGC Smart Cities Spatial Information Framework (OGC 14-115) George Percivall 2015-01-21
The Open Geospatial Consortium and EarthCube (OGC 11-159)

David Maidment, Ben Domenico, Alastair Gemmell, Kerstin Lehnert, David Tarboton, Ilya Zaslavsky

Cyberarchitecture for Geosciences White Paper (OGC 11-145) George Percivall 2014-05-20
OGC Sensor Web Enablement: Overview and High Level Architecture (OGC 07-165r1) Mike Botts, George Percivall, Carl Reed, John Davidson 2013-04-02
Architecture of an Access Management Federation for Spatial Data and Services in Germany (OGC 12-026) Andreas Matheus 2012-04-18
Geospatial Business Intelligence (GeoBI) (OGC 09-044r3) George Percivall and Raj Singh 2012-07-12
Open Source and Open Standards (OGC 11-110) Arnulf Christl and Carl Reed 2011-08-11
OGC Standards and Cloud Computing (OGC 11-036) Lance McKee, Carl Reed, Steven Ramage 2011-04-07
OGC Compliance Testing White Paper (OGC 10-128) Luis Bermudez 2010-10-22
OGC Identifiers - the case for http URIs (10-124r1) Simon Cox 2010-07-15
An Introduction to GeoRSS: A Standards Based Approach for Geo-enabling RSS feeds. Carl Reed (Editor), Raj Singh, Ron Lake, Josh Lieberman, Mikel Maron 2006-07-19
Interoperability & Open Architectures: An Analysis of Existing Standardisation Processes & Procedures Martin Klopfer (Editor) 2005-07-27
The Importance of Going Open Lance McKee 2005-07-05
SIDP Notional Architecture Executive Summary R. M. Horton 2005-05-26
NSDI Server Architecture Models Brandon Fisher 2005-04-12
The Havoc of Non-Interoperability Mark Reichardt 2004-12-10
The OGC – Organization Offering Unique Benefits Lance McKee 2012-05-18
OpenLS Assisiting Government Will Wilbrink 2004-06-14
Integrating Geospatial Standards and Standards Strategies into Business Process Carl Reed 2004-03-17
Data Models and Interoperability Kurt Buehler 2003-12-12
The Spatial Web Lance McKee 2003-12-09
Overview of OGC Interoperability Program Jeff Harrison 2002-08-13
Digital Maps: An Essential Part of Every Citizen's Interface to the NII Lance McKee 2002-08-06
How the OpenGIS Specification Will Impact Mapping Lance McKee 2002-08-06
What is OpenGIS to a Cartographer Lance McKee 2002-08-06
The Purpose of Geospatial Fusion Services Lance McKee 2001-11-01
A Framework for Geospatial and Statistical Information Integration Michael Gould 2001-10-09
Improving Government Policy Development And Service Provision Lance McKee 2001-10-04
Introduction to OGC Web Services Allan Doyle, Carl Reed 2001-05-30
OGC's Role in the Spatial Standards World Lance McKee 2001-02-25
Spatial Data Infrastructure: On the Road to Twenty-First Century Economic Success Gary R. Bachula 2000-08-06
Geodata Interoperability: A Key NII Requirement David Schell 2000-01-02
Implications of the OpenGIS Specification for Regional Science Lance McKee 2000-01-01
Inside the OpenGIS Specification Lance McKee 1999-10-01
The Digital Earth: Understanding Our Planet in the 21st Century Al Gore 1998-01-31
OGC Delivers GI Interoperability and Industry Coordination Lance McKee 1996-11-01
Building the GSDI Lance McKee 1996-08-08
Toward Consensus-Driven Geopressing Interoperability Lance McKee 1996-03-01
Geodata Interoperability: What Does It Mean For Business Geographics Cliff Kottman 1995-09-01