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Compliance policy and Procedures

Technology Users

The OGC provides a implementation database, with hundreds of products, that can help
anybody, particularly potential buyers, to determine if an implementation complies with
a particular standard.

If you are procuring software we recommend the guide for software acquisition.

Visit the Compliance Database
Get the Software Acquisition Guide

Technology Providers

Technology providers can gain added confidence in the ability of their compliant
product to interoperate with other certified products.

Technology providers can benefit from the
compliance certification mark while promoting
their certified products in the market place

Technology providers are invited to register their product
in the OGC database and user the OGC free validator.

Visit the OGC Validator
Get OGC certified
Register your product


"Achieving OGC certification is extermely important to us as an organization - we are proud to have more than 20 products compliant with OGC standards. Globally, OGC certification is a credential recognized when we approach new opportunities and business partners. Our customers also benefit by having our products easily integrate into an open environment, enabling them to implement the best solution across their enterpise."

--Stan Tilman (Intergraph)